Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Types of Co-workers

There are various types of co-workers i can describe them in two categories 1) Those who have Good/Bad aptitude 2) Those who have Good/Bad attitude Then there is a third type of person that is hired by the Mgmnt team who has no good attitude or aptitude . I haven't figured out why but some of reasons maybe as follows 1) Do the dirty laundry 2) It's probably a give or take with the customer like forgive our faults if we hire your person This person has a unique ability to butter up the bosses and at the same time create havoc within the team. Lack of technical abilities puts the person unique ability to create politics within his team, or generate sympathies with the bosses.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Joe Biden : 100 Days 100 Projects

Hundred Days

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Hot in trade and plate Food

Traders are using doomsday psychology in dealing with the trade here, I frequently hear them saying foodgrains and edible commodities as a tangible source or margin in near future when armageddon comes on earth, however there are also other significant reasons the best one is world populaiton increasing more and more stomachs to be filled every day the food stocks or commoditiy stocks are bound to reach high...not in near future ie 3 months then definately in 1 year or so.... simple math and to top of it ran a story quoting Brazil claiming that indian sugarcare produce is not upto mark so sugar price is bound to shoot 20% lets c whether the forecast is true or not but as far as i know the rain fall has been good India which is always the primary cause for crop failure however same cannot be said about future when rainfalls are predicted to be lesser and lesser... dammn global warming...

My bet would be starting Aqua farm or Pisciculture growing tuna fish in farms using sea water ... is the bet business right now... world needs food make it and supply it...

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Deal made on the 13th hole....obsession of golf

Ever since i came to united states I have always heard a saying "  business deals are done on 13th hole" being from a 3rd world country golf hasnt had ever been formally or informally introduced to me nor understood why wealthy men in western countries frequent golf courses more often then the middle classs ? why is golf treated as a formal sport on ESPN when the physicall skill is minimal rather negligible unless u consider a swing form of strenious exercise or stolling in park to collect tiny ball from woods as some sort of physical exercise. I however donot consider that it is devoid of skills, rather think it falls in that category, however amongst the skill oriented sports like rifle shooting or archery or figure skating i dont find golf to be amongst the challenging. 

When i moved to jersey and started living near a golf course where i go every day to jog, my curiosity towards the game grew stronger as to what makes this game so famous !!!  however when i observed few people it struck to me as simple three fold strategy what makes deals on 13th hole  

Reason 1:

It gives a sense of exclusivity  to those who are playing rather the rich are left there alone hitting ball with a stick training their eye tirelessly towards a hole in a ground trying best to calculate humidity , flow of the wind and slope to hit the was all about exclusivity...they are left there alone in their own world disturbed by no one taken care by all the country club the subordinates etc etc..... 

Reason 2:

Playability : When i was growing up my mum and dad said that tennis is a rich man's sport didn realise much till i saw Nantucket and Hamptons full of back yard tennis courts , now tennis is a pretty strenious and skill full sport however its too much for the rich so an easier way out is play golf u just got a hit the ball somewhere.... 

Reason 3:

Inherited: I think Golf has become an icon sports for rich and famous to play and clear their minds of to think about how to make more money. And the same habits are carried out by their kids and their kids etcc...... 

I still dont think these may be sufficient enough reasons ..... gosh will ask some golfer on the golf course some day.....

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

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News Bite of elliot spitzer and Ariana

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What direction is US heading ???

US   was long considered to be a defiant force politically economically and Millitarily, a systematic events starting from sept 9/11 changed this country unfortunately for a negative direction, although i must put a caveat that this is still the best country in the world.. following sequence puts me a in a introspection mode

 Winds of change 

1"Never before war was fought on US homeland  in which 3000 people died " Condoleeza Rice

2  Never before in history on US hurricane size of hurricane Katrina caused so much human and material damage which exposed country's vulnerable , some critics say 3rd world country were better dealing with the katrina aftermath then US statement is disputed but some cases of looting by police officers, curfew, martial law, gang violence etc aggravated during this period

3 The war which is now termed as unnecessary was initiated

4 Reduction in US political clout in europe and middle east a lot of resentment due to war and incoherent administration ..i think its a debatable point

5.Systematic failure of Banking system due to greed of few banking institutions which have now ceased to exist or under govt survelliance

6.Imposition of taxes for  outsourcing companies while spreading free trading little bit  debatable . Where are we moving free global trade or protectionism..?? is complete obfuscation to me

7 Free general healthcare for all or reduction in health insurance costs .... completely obfuscation ???

8 Getting directed on economic policies from China ..........ooh yea i forgot they hold max number of treasury notes.... can hold us ransom anytime 

9 Falling levels of literacy and education structure  ... absolute lack of skilled talent pool

10 Increase in corruption in both higher and lower levels of governmental hierarchy

11. Polarization on basis of religion etc

Last time i checked up on internet was these problems were similar to a 3rd world country agreed the standard of living and quality of living has not changed but yes but above noises sound very similar to a developing country.... these points cover all political millitary and economic clout reduction of US... country should buck up and work hard under current administration and restore its glory ...  world need US to be strong in all three departments ....


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Sunday, May 3, 2009

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Fibonacci retracement

Fibonacci retracement

Fibonacci is a set of number sequence generated by adding up two numbers occuring in a number series for eg number series = 1 2 3 4 5
fibo series 1 1 3 5 8 13 etc

similarly stock also show a similar approach when point A goes to point B there is always a pressure of correction or retracement, how much will these retracement go there are three critical points 38.2%or original 50% and 61.x % as shown in the figure, so first resistance occurs at 38% and if it passes that 50% is next catch and thirdly 61.8 levels.
Next obvious question arises is how are we getting the percentages.... 3/5 ,5/8, 8/13 all generate a number around 0.618x
 .382 = .618 squared 

  .500 = 1 ÷ 2, the second and third numbers in the series 

  .786 = square root of .618 

1.000 = 1.618 x .618 

1.272 = square root of 1.618 

2.618 = 1.618 squared

I am posting a video which describes in detail the workings of Fibo nacci retracement

Also go to where corey rosenbloom has posted some cool retracement scenarios... India's NIFTY  


Find more videos like this on ChartWatchers

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

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Buffet : Newspapers are Done !!!!

With new media encroaching webosphere twitterosphere blogosphere etc it has become painful for print media to gets its due. When Helen Mirren in State of Play (2009) says to Crowe that "Ms. Della Frye churns out a copy of news paper every hour through her blog" i was stunned , the fact that news papers are becoming quickly things of past but also with the effect of digital media on earning potential of a print media journalist someone like Russell Crowe character in the movie is becoming bleak day bye day.

Recently Ariana Huffington of huffington post and Tom Curley if i am not wrong of Associated Press were fueding on Charlie Rose on the ownershipf links, in lieu of Associated Press deciding to come down hard on its content users, but Arianna was pat in replying that links have become assets how well you monetize them is upto you giving example of MSNBC.COM and THEDAILYSOW.COM embbedable players who monetize.I agree with her people want to read the news where they like and not on AP or Reuters with due respect to the amount of journalism they do but thats the bitter truth. Today Buffet nailed the coffin saying that none in their sane minds would like to buy a news paper since news have become " free " !!! that a disruptive technology like internet has forced to change our lives and our livelihood.

However there are many ways the hard working journalists from AP or Reuters can earn their due I am putting one example of the monetizing ways of Reuters

A columns from Buffet's news conf from REUTERS :

Buffett offers bleak outlook for U.S. newspapers

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

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what is Fundamental anlaysis and Technical Analysis

I have been hearing a lot of sound bites from business media about "Fundamental Analysis" and "Technical Analysis".Its intriguing to discern it in laymans term for me so help me remember in future i write this blog and all those fellow amateurs this one

Fundamental Analysis

When a trader or a Broker takes a investing decision based on the company financials balance sheet etc and overall climate of socio economic conditions in surrounding area it is called a fundamental trade. For example a political coup in Pakistan or nationalization rumors in Venezuela or say bad profit for the quarter or say political stability in China or change in govt in India etc results in the trader to infer value of a company.
However these days these fundamentals are proving to be costlier to be relied on as the market is really volatile and any speculations could be potentially hitting a nail on your foot.

Technical Analysis

When trader or a broker takes the investing decision based on daily volume , and relies on mathematical analysis using regression techniques or predictive modelling, reversion of mean or technicals like standard deviation,variance, etc Charts which are available on is called as trade on technical analysis.

God knows how the markets are relying these days but for technical trading these days is automatic and computational financial engineering is used as long as the models work so is good once they stop it comes back to sentimental or emotional trading.

check out google: Quant funds to find out different type of mutual funds or hedge funds trading using quantitative analysis...

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How to sell a Tennis racket 101

Really !!! world's No. 3 Novak Djokovic selling a racket. Mind boggling ad funny at times boring sometime but overall very very intriguing and it got my attention so kudos to the marketing team.... and kuods to Djokovic to agreeing on doing it.

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chrysler bankrupt

A great company  comes to its knees... 

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Bank Stress Test Conditions......

Un-employment rate - (2010) 10.3 % 2009current 8.9
House Value decline (2010) 30% current 2009 20%
Page 6 of the doc is where the meat is

Stress Test Assumptions Stress Test Assumptions zerohedge


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

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Elliot wave theory on Bombay Stock Exchange

Yes, like everyone else i am also bitten by the elliotwave theory bug... so i decided to put it to test. Since many bloggers / columnist commentators have sucked curiosity juice from dow jones's comparison to elliotwave i am going to compare it to international stock exchange my pic India's Bombay Stock Exchange's Sensitive Index (SENSEX).

Elliot wave theory works on basis of fibonacci number sequence. where wave 1,3,5 are upward going waves while 2 and 4 are correctional waves. This theory was put in practice by Proff Prechter who was a Trading Analyst who set a 440% return record on options account in 1989 trading match .... ok enough of his background, although this is mathematically related theory pertaining to fibonacci sequence and its golden ratio of 1.6343 Precther and co. beleives that this number occurs in non-randomly fashion in today's stock market. Well tough to beleive that..... but if you implement a mass socio-economic tag or mass psychology tag then suddenly the theory becomes a hot property.

The theory is taught in many financial institutions as non-technical mass psychology theory so that traders can keep them selves ahead of the market....
lets put this theory to test I have taken a 5 year period of BSE : sensex and compared it witht he elliotwave thoery, okay to be precise i am comparing a "cycle"


The classification of a wave at any particular degree can vary, though practitioners generally agree on the standard order of degrees (approximate durations given):

* Grand supercycle: multi-century

* Supercycle: multi-decade (about 40-70 years)

* Cycle: one year to several years (or even several decades under an Elliott Extension)

* Primary: a few months to a couple of years

* Intermediate: weeks to months

* Minor: weeks

* Minute: days

* Minuette: hours

* Subminuette: minutes



Halleluajh !!!  wooow this thinge fits like a glove !!!!! in the five year spread...  this means that we are giong to see one more drop  Or below is the end of wave... although i must admit that i have chosen random interval of the uptick and down tick wave .... its like i am biasing the data to fit the model .... but over all first impression not bad... but i wont stop the autopsy .... too vage

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Koreans making move on downturn

First time I came to know about rapid development of South Korean ambition to become a Financial hub, supply chain hub, manufacturing hub, and information technology hub was in a class i took with my proff from industrial engineering. That was the first time I looked at the Korea rather Korean economy for the first time and read about the leaps and bounds taking place in the country.

Recently was again reminded of the gallops taken by the nation when i was reading news about how a KIA plant in Georgia state,US starting this december is been looked upon like an godly saviour. TO me its purely amazing how much the Korean technology economy has become reliable and mutated that they can afford to put up plants in USA to manufacture cars giving honda's and Toyota's a tough time ( Hyundai was voted as best car and they made sure they advertised it :D ) .People in the town call the kia factory as "god sent gift" which will employ thousands and would boost neighbouring economy.The koreans are shrewd businessmen like the Chinese who are harnessing the downturn the Koreans too are lapping up huge ammount of commercial rental property at dirt cheap prices. Of course like many others i too presume that the crisis is not going to last throughout life considering this the investment is bound to give an awesome fruit in near future. However one thing concerns me is the reduction in the manufacturing sector where thousands jobs lost this recession has really brought it to its knees this was also indicated by the reduction in import of spot cargoes containing natural gas by the Korean's. Overall i feel that Koreans and then Chinese and then Indian in same priority order should be bet on ..........

But the bases are set here today's KOSPI from

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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My twitter active


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