Thursday, May 7, 2009

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What direction is US heading ???

US   was long considered to be a defiant force politically economically and Millitarily, a systematic events starting from sept 9/11 changed this country unfortunately for a negative direction, although i must put a caveat that this is still the best country in the world.. following sequence puts me a in a introspection mode

 Winds of change 

1"Never before war was fought on US homeland  in which 3000 people died " Condoleeza Rice

2  Never before in history on US hurricane size of hurricane Katrina caused so much human and material damage which exposed country's vulnerable , some critics say 3rd world country were better dealing with the katrina aftermath then US statement is disputed but some cases of looting by police officers, curfew, martial law, gang violence etc aggravated during this period

3 The war which is now termed as unnecessary was initiated

4 Reduction in US political clout in europe and middle east a lot of resentment due to war and incoherent administration ..i think its a debatable point

5.Systematic failure of Banking system due to greed of few banking institutions which have now ceased to exist or under govt survelliance

6.Imposition of taxes for  outsourcing companies while spreading free trading little bit  debatable . Where are we moving free global trade or protectionism..?? is complete obfuscation to me

7 Free general healthcare for all or reduction in health insurance costs .... completely obfuscation ???

8 Getting directed on economic policies from China ..........ooh yea i forgot they hold max number of treasury notes.... can hold us ransom anytime 

9 Falling levels of literacy and education structure  ... absolute lack of skilled talent pool

10 Increase in corruption in both higher and lower levels of governmental hierarchy

11. Polarization on basis of religion etc

Last time i checked up on internet was these problems were similar to a 3rd world country agreed the standard of living and quality of living has not changed but yes but above noises sound very similar to a developing country.... these points cover all political millitary and economic clout reduction of US... country should buck up and work hard under current administration and restore its glory ...  world need US to be strong in all three departments ....


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