Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Koreans making move on downturn

First time I came to know about rapid development of South Korean ambition to become a Financial hub, supply chain hub, manufacturing hub, and information technology hub was in a class i took with my proff from industrial engineering. That was the first time I looked at the Korea rather Korean economy for the first time and read about the leaps and bounds taking place in the country.

Recently was again reminded of the gallops taken by the nation when i was reading news about how a KIA plant in Georgia state,US starting this december is been looked upon like an godly saviour. TO me its purely amazing how much the Korean technology economy has become reliable and mutated that they can afford to put up plants in USA to manufacture cars giving honda's and Toyota's a tough time ( Hyundai was voted as best car and they made sure they advertised it :D ) .People in the town call the kia factory as "god sent gift" which will employ thousands and would boost neighbouring economy.The koreans are shrewd businessmen like the Chinese who are harnessing the downturn the Koreans too are lapping up huge ammount of commercial rental property at dirt cheap prices. Of course like many others i too presume that the crisis is not going to last throughout life considering this the investment is bound to give an awesome fruit in near future. However one thing concerns me is the reduction in the manufacturing sector where thousands jobs lost this recession has really brought it to its knees this was also indicated by the reduction in import of spot cargoes containing natural gas by the Korean's. Overall i feel that Koreans and then Chinese and then Indian in same priority order should be bet on ..........

But the bases are set here today's KOSPI from

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