Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Deal made on the 13th hole....obsession of golf

Ever since i came to united states I have always heard a saying "  business deals are done on 13th hole" being from a 3rd world country golf hasnt had ever been formally or informally introduced to me nor understood why wealthy men in western countries frequent golf courses more often then the middle classs ? why is golf treated as a formal sport on ESPN when the physicall skill is minimal rather negligible unless u consider a swing form of strenious exercise or stolling in park to collect tiny ball from woods as some sort of physical exercise. I however donot consider that it is devoid of skills, rather think it falls in that category, however amongst the skill oriented sports like rifle shooting or archery or figure skating i dont find golf to be amongst the challenging. 

When i moved to jersey and started living near a golf course where i go every day to jog, my curiosity towards the game grew stronger as to what makes this game so famous !!!  however when i observed few people it struck to me as simple three fold strategy what makes deals on 13th hole  

Reason 1:

It gives a sense of exclusivity  to those who are playing rather the rich are left there alone hitting ball with a stick training their eye tirelessly towards a hole in a ground trying best to calculate humidity , flow of the wind and slope to hit the was all about exclusivity...they are left there alone in their own world disturbed by no one taken care by all the country club the subordinates etc etc..... 

Reason 2:

Playability : When i was growing up my mum and dad said that tennis is a rich man's sport didn realise much till i saw Nantucket and Hamptons full of back yard tennis courts , now tennis is a pretty strenious and skill full sport however its too much for the rich so an easier way out is play golf u just got a hit the ball somewhere.... 

Reason 3:

Inherited: I think Golf has become an icon sports for rich and famous to play and clear their minds of to think about how to make more money. And the same habits are carried out by their kids and their kids etcc...... 

I still dont think these may be sufficient enough reasons ..... gosh will ask some golfer on the golf course some day.....

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