Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Hot in trade and plate Food

Traders are using doomsday psychology in dealing with the trade here, I frequently hear them saying foodgrains and edible commodities as a tangible source or margin in near future when armageddon comes on earth, however there are also other significant reasons the best one is world populaiton increasing more and more stomachs to be filled every day the food stocks or commoditiy stocks are bound to reach high...not in near future ie 3 months then definately in 1 year or so.... simple math and to top of it ran a story quoting Brazil claiming that indian sugarcare produce is not upto mark so sugar price is bound to shoot 20% lets c whether the forecast is true or not but as far as i know the rain fall has been good India which is always the primary cause for crop failure however same cannot be said about future when rainfalls are predicted to be lesser and lesser... dammn global warming...

My bet would be starting Aqua farm or Pisciculture growing tuna fish in farms using sea water ... is the bet business right now... world needs food make it and supply it...

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