Saturday, May 2, 2009

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Buffet : Newspapers are Done !!!!

With new media encroaching webosphere twitterosphere blogosphere etc it has become painful for print media to gets its due. When Helen Mirren in State of Play (2009) says to Crowe that "Ms. Della Frye churns out a copy of news paper every hour through her blog" i was stunned , the fact that news papers are becoming quickly things of past but also with the effect of digital media on earning potential of a print media journalist someone like Russell Crowe character in the movie is becoming bleak day bye day.

Recently Ariana Huffington of huffington post and Tom Curley if i am not wrong of Associated Press were fueding on Charlie Rose on the ownershipf links, in lieu of Associated Press deciding to come down hard on its content users, but Arianna was pat in replying that links have become assets how well you monetize them is upto you giving example of MSNBC.COM and THEDAILYSOW.COM embbedable players who monetize.I agree with her people want to read the news where they like and not on AP or Reuters with due respect to the amount of journalism they do but thats the bitter truth. Today Buffet nailed the coffin saying that none in their sane minds would like to buy a news paper since news have become " free " !!! that a disruptive technology like internet has forced to change our lives and our livelihood.

However there are many ways the hard working journalists from AP or Reuters can earn their due I am putting one example of the monetizing ways of Reuters

A columns from Buffet's news conf from REUTERS :

Buffett offers bleak outlook for U.S. newspapers

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