Friday, March 27, 2009

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Fuzzy Dynamic Logic

I had a great honor of meeting Dr. Leonid Perlovsky (AFRL)during my tenure as a graduate student at Arizona state university. So much was I impressed with his brilliance that some part of my blog name contains the name of algorithm he proposed. He intrigued my mind with this algorithm so much that every time i try reading his book i discover new aspects of his approach. At first I hated the combination of Philosophy and AI math together however my friend made me realise that philosophy had been foundation of mathematics since the Roman empire philosophers like plato,socrates,archimedies have contributed towards formation of bedrock of this art.
When i was reading this book for the first time many emotions ran through my mind like frustration & anxiety towards the theory as to why does the author need to mix philosophy and mathematics into a brand new theory. Yet, if the author still wants to go ahead and apply why dosen't he clearly demarcate the boundary ..yes..its though to find clear transition from philosophy to mathematics during his proposal of Modeling Field Theory.During that time (2004 FALL) my advisor Dr Jennie Si whom i have had priviliedge of working with, helped me understand the mathematics of the proposed MFT through some of his published work, this reduced my anxiety and gained control over the understanding the working of it.

I want to throw a humble disclaimer that i was just a mediocre research aide, but the theory was in its virgin days of its publication, and since i had read and understood every possible theory for predictive modelling some were tool difficult to realize practically some were too unstable to implement.I perceived MFT to be somewhere in between the two states was not too difficult to realize and at same time it was too good to be working beyond theory.

I think this extremely flexible and its implemetations will be world changing...... So guys those are curious heads and those in mathematics or engineering if u have a chance please read this excellent book I am placing a link to amazon

Neural Networks and Intellect: Using Model-Based Concepts (Hardcover)
by Leonid I. Perlovsky (Author)

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