Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Cloud computing is shaping up !!!!

Cloud computing has recently got tons of attention companies like google, amazon and IBM are coming out with guns blazing to capture the computing market however one company NIVIO started by Sachin Duggal gained my attention. Sachin Duggal ,whose credentials include winning pioneer technology award at World Economy Forum in Davos (past winners 2002 is Google), he claims that services provided by web giants mentioned above are restricted to the net or the webusers, while his service would be catering anyone with P.C like interface ...kinda Youtube on demand or MS Excel on demand.This company is not threatened by Google competition since they want to work with them to service their WEB Applicaitons like google docs etc...

How ever there are many skeptics of this technology article in Business week

There are two kinds of risks in putting your data online. One is that you can never be quite sure who has access to your information once it has migrated beyond the hard drives and backup storage devices in your home. The other risk is that the information, and sometimes the applications you need to make use of it, may be available only when you are connected to the Internet and the service is up and running.

Like it or not evil or not cloud computing is here to stay reason is simple increase bottom lines by pay as you go service.


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