Friday, March 6, 2009

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Cricket Under The Clouds Of Terrorism

Few days back Srilankan cricket team visiting Pakistan's Lahore's Gaddaffi stadium came under heavy gunfire attack from 12 unidentified gunmen with Ak-47s , hand grenades and rocket launchers, say luck or god's grace  there was no fatality, although there were few injuries but were taken care off. This incident followed a huge tsunami of criticism against security provided by Pakistani security agencies. The English and Australian match offcials gave a startling  event description sending the Pakistan Cricket Board and its security agencies in to a tailspin. Many like me have a opinion that Srilanka in spite of warning going to prove a 'brave' point went to Pak was unnecessary in first place, and secondly the security was the culprit . Having said many of my friends disagree and consider a conflicting view point. Kartikeya Date in his blog writes :

I haven't read a single angry reaction by any Sri Lankan cricketer to what happened in Lahore. Chris Broad and Simon Taufel on the other hand, have gone to town about how they were "left alone", even though people died trying to protect them ..."

The comments on his posts are really interesting and contradictory, however i respect his  opinion but would politely like to differ. Let me remind all of you that Kartikeya is  one of the leading cricket blogger in world, his credentials include his own cricket rating which i think is very balanced, and his unparalleled commentary on cricketing events taking place daily. Please visit and read his blog and do provide your point of view on the Pakistan cricket issue. 

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