Friday, March 27, 2009

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British P.M. taken to task by British MEP

Watch as this guy skewers with excellent oratory ...............

Debt per British child 20,000 pounds

Comparing England's deficit to Pak and Hungary priceless


  1. Its all very well to give a speech. But there is no political formation in either US or UK that has the guts or the ideas to manage the debt question. Neither is the debt question as simple as saying 20,000 GBP per child.

    This is a list of estimated public debt, and this is the external debt.

    The comparison to Pakistan and Hungary sounds very good, but it is also absurd because the UK has a per capita GDP which is about 18 times that of Pakistan (38,000 US to 2,500 US)

    Nothing he said was an innocent statement of facts - it was a very political point of view.

  2. thankx kartikeya for your comments and links you have provided and welcome to my blog :D.