Saturday, April 18, 2009

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DATA download links

1. Historical FX Rates:
2. Historical Stock Prices: YHOO: Historical Prices for YAHOO INC - Yahoo! Finance
3. Recent LIBOR rates: BBA - British Bankers' Association - BBA LIBOR
4. Some Implied Volatilities:
5. Delayed Commodities:
6. US Fundamentals:

Economic data

US: , , , ,

(i) For S&P 500 hist. DB:
Historical Stock Data

(ii) For Euronext's stock markets (5y database):
302 Found

(iii) others (very interesting if you have the ticker):
Yahoo! - 404 Not Found

Historical stock quotes download Metastock

Extensive Data Series

The Financial Data Finder

Currency Data

Options Data
Stock Options Analysis and Trading Tools on I
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Free Nightly Intraday Futures Data

Free Data

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